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Act 6 Base Figure for 2013

In Pennsylvania, Act 6 (41 P.S. §403) is a notice that requires a lender to send a borrower a 30-day notice informing the borrower that the loan is in default prior to being able to commence a foreclosure action.  The Notice informs the homeowner of their right to reinstate the mortgage within 30 days to prevent a foreclosure action. If a foreclosure action is filed and an Act 6 Notice was not sent via certified or registered mail, the homeowner has a defense to the foreclosure action. Act 6 only applies to mortgages with an original principal balance under a certain … Continue reading »


What is a Pennsylvania Act 6 Notice?

A Pennsylvania Act 6 Notice, 41 P.S. §101, is a notice that a lender must send to a residential mortgage borrower prior to filing a foreclosure action in Court and it must be sent by certified or registered mail. The Act 6 notice does not apply to all mortgagors. The Notice only applies to residential mortgagors whose mortgage is $221,540 or less. If your mortgage exceeds this amount, you are not legally required to receive a notice before a lender begins a foreclosure action. However, once a foreclosure action is filed, you’ll be served with the Complaint by the sheriff. The … Continue reading »