Northampton County Foreclosure Defense

Northampton County Court, PAIf you have been served with a foreclosure Complaint in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, it’s essential to see an attorney immediately. You have just 20 days to respond to this Complaint.

The Complaint is the first document that begins the foreclosure process with the court and┬ástarts the court’s intervention in the foreclosure process. Before a bank can foreclose on a property in Pennsylvania, it must receive a court order approving the foreclosure.

By seeking the services of a Lehigh Valley Foreclosure Defense attorney, you will be able to raise defenses and counterclaims against the lender. For example, the lender could be seeking excessive damages, may not have provided the borrower with sufficient notice, or engaged in a predatory lending scheme. If you do not file an Answer to the Complaint, these defenses may be waived and the foreclosure will proceed without the court considering these defenses.

Additionally, after an Answer is filed, we will help you avoid foreclosure by seeking a loan modification to lower your monthly payment or a short sale so you are able to walk away from the home without going through foreclosure.

If you have been served with a foreclosure complaint for a property located in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, please contact us immediately by calling (484) 685-9561 or (610) 417-6345.