Bethlehem Foreclosure Attorney

If you are facing foreclosure in Bethlehem, PA, we may be able to help you. The foreclosure process begins with a Notice of Intent to Foreclose once a borrower is 90 days behind in their payments. Once the borrower receives this notice, they have one month to cure the default or the borrower will file the foreclosure.

Once the borrower receives the foreclosure Complaint, they have 20 days to file an Answer. Its vital to obtain the services of a Bethlehem foreclosure attorney to answer the Complaint so you are able to raise any affirmative defenses or counterclaims that you may have against the lender.

What this will do is require the borrower to file a response to the defenses that are being raised in the answer. During this time, the foreclosure will be stayed by the court, which means that the bank will not be able to foreclose on the home until their is a final court order. Without an attorney who can file an Answer, the lender will receive a default judgment and the property will be sold at the next sheriff’s sale.

During this time, we will then vigorously attempt to seek alternatives to foreclosure such as obtaining a loan modification or a short sale so you can either afford your monthly mortgage or be able to walk away from the home without substantially harming your credit.

If you are located in Bethlehem and seek experienced Bethlehem foreclosure attorneys, please contact Zachary Zawarski at (610) 417-6345.