Our Foreclosure Defense Success

We’ve helped our clients with various foreclosure defense services from dismissing foreclosure complaints, vacating judgments, and getting short sales or loan modifications approved.

By seeking our services prior to a foreclosure action or as soon are you receive a foreclosure complaint, we are able to prevent lenders from obtaining default judgments and accelerating the foreclosure process, which ultimately helps your chances of obtaining a loan modification or short sale.  However, if your lender has already obtained a foreclosure judgment, here are some examples of our success.

  • Lender obtained a default judgment against a borrower. Our firm filed a Petition to Strike the Default Judgment. The lender’s attorney agreed to voluntarily vacate the default judgment after receiving the petition while the borrower and lender reviewed workout options through a loan modification.
  • Lender obtained a default judgment against a borrower and scheduled the borrower’s home for a sheriff’s sale. One month prior to the sheriff’s sale, our firm sent the lender’s attorney a Petition to Postpone the Sheriff’s Sale in order to enforce a forbearance agreement. The lender’s attorney agreed to voluntarily postpone the sheriff’s sale while our firm completed a loan modification agreement with the lender.
  • Lender filed a foreclosure complaint without providing the borrower with the requisite notices under the law. Our firm was able to dismiss the foreclosure complaint, requiring the lender to provide the borrower with proper default notification under the law before filing foreclosure.
  • Lender obtained a default judgment and scheduled the home for a sheriff’s sale. One month prior to the sheriff’s sale, our Realtor partner was able to list the home for sale. Within two week, three offers were received on the property. Our firm obtained the lender’s approval for the short sale within two weeks. The lender agreed to postpone the sheriff’s sale a month while the Agreement of Sale was reviewed by the mortgage investor. The sale was approved and closing was held within one month. The lender agreed to release the borrower from the full amount of the deficiency. The lender accepted 60% of the amount of the principal owed and an offer 15% below current fair market value was accepted. The borrower’s credit rating was saved from being severely damaged.

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Disclaimer: Each case is different. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Please consult with us for a free consultation regarding your case.